About PW

PW helps you create complex passwords that you can easily access in seconds on any device, anywhere. So you can forget them and get on with your life.

How to use PW

  1. Enter a service name such as Google or Twitter.
  2. Then a password, it doesn’t have to be long, the output is always 40 characters.
  3. PW hashes the password (using SHA1) to make a theft proof unique password for that service.
  4. Copy the new password and use that as the password for that service.

Open Source

All of the PW code is open source under the MIT Licence.

How does it work?

PW takes the two inputs Service and Password and runs it through a SHA1 hash with four pipes thrown in to make it a little interesting:

SHA1(“Service” + “||” + “Password” + “||”)

For example with the service “facebook” and the password “hackference” it would be:


and output:


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